Special Needs Planning

Our experienced attorneys at Wellerstein Law Group, P.C., work with families who have disabled children or who have disabled family members establish special needs trusts and establish plans that will ensure their loved one is properly cared for. We also work through asset planning and the coordination of public and private resources to help ensure everything is properly in order. Our legal team helps families maximize resources while enhancing the quality of life for loved ones.

Special needs trusts are designed to help protect the eligibility benefits of a disabled person for future use while a the same time allowing the individual with disabilities to access additional funding to help pay for the expenses that public benefits do not cover. With the help of an experienced estate planning attorney, you can map out a plan for your family member who has special needs so we can address their health and well being for the long term.

If you are the parent of a child with special needs, by law they are considered competent to make their own decisions at 18. We help establish guardianship so you can continue to oversee the affairs of your child, if he or she is incapable of making such decisions.

We strive to provide only the best customer service available while exceeding your expectations in handling your legal matters. As you select an attorney to help you with these pressing family matters that are related to special needs planning, call Wellerstein Law Group so we can provide you a free consultation and get to work on establishing a plan for your family member as soon as possible.